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About our Wood Flooring Fitters London

At Elements, we do wooden floor installation in London that sets industry standards, and we pride ourselves on our professional wood floor installation service for that reason.
Whether laying floorboards in your London townhouse or doing a full wooden floor installation, we have a passion and enthusiasm for the work we love. All our floorboards installation work in London is done to precise detail and without compromising on the quality of our finishes. Our experience in laying floorboards, fitting floorboards, and laying wood floors in London homes of all kinds ensures that you will get stunning results that you can trust to last. We use the latest wood floor installation techniques including floating, gluing and secret nailing.

Wooden Floor Installation London Survey

If you are looking for a high quality wooden floor installation in London, Elements is the company to call. We are happy to arrange for one of our wood floor installation specialists to come and conduct a detailed site survey within 48 hours. allowing us to assess your property, measure the rooms and recommend the right type of flooring to meet your individual  requirements. After selecting your floor, we will be in a position to give you a fully comprehensive quote for the cost of your wooden floor installation in London. 

Main Floor division explained by Wood Flooring Fitters London

When it comes to wooden floor installation in London properties, there are two classifications of real wood flooring – solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring. So called „engineered wood flooring” has become increasingly popular for domestic and commercial use. It is a plank designed to have the appearance and wearing of solid wood flooring, but has less of its disadvantages. The engineered plank comprises 2 layers – upper wearing layer of real wood and bottom part, which can vary in timber material that will help the plank contain its original volume, form and size in an environment with higher temperature and humidity.

Engineered Wooden Floor Installation London

Engineered flooring has taken over 70% of the market of wooden floor installation work in London over the past decade, showing that consumers have recognised that this kind of wooden floor installation makes real sense and brings genuine value. 

When our wooden floor fitters in London do these projects, they let customers know that their new floors will need time to acclimatise before fitting, because, as with solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring will change slightly in dimension in atmospheres of different temperature and moisture levels.

When laying a wood floor in London, engineered floors come with installation systems like tongue-and-groove or click. The click system of fitting engineered wood flooring is made of planks that click together, both at their sides and at their ends, click system flooring provides a stable result, which is likely to be resistant to moisture. 

The type of underfloor is important, something our wooden floor fitters in London are well aware of. If it is wood, a moisture-proof underlay won’t be needed, while if it’s a concrete DPM enabled underlay will be highly-recommended. If you have underfloor heating, that is undoubtedly the right flooring for you. Our expert floorboards installation team in London are on hand to recommend the right underlay, which will allow the heath to travel through.

Parquet Flooring Installation London

With our expert parquet flooring installation work in London, we continue to showcase just why so many clients love what we do, and how talented our wooden flooring fitters really are. Our wooden floor fitters in London love the look of parquet flooring, and know that it is a valuable asset to your home that will last for many years, as well as being a unique and interesting floor for both historic and aesthetic reasons. 

Of all the wooden floor installation work we do in London, parquet flooring is the one with an artistic expression made from blocks of wood in a variety of geometric patterns – some very simple figures, while others can be sophisticated and difficult to achieve and only true professionals like us will provide you with. Our wood flooring fitters in London will always use your visions as our guide, adhering to whatever style you want as we complete our work. 

As our wood flooring fitters always tell our London clients, environment conservation laws mean that industries should use only selected sources of timber and some forest species are no longer used for flooring products. Due to the smaller size of solid wood blocks, parquet flooring requires solid and flat surface. It cannot be laid straight over the floorboard, sandy surface or an old floating installation. Our parquet laying service comes complete with subfloor preparation – screeding, damp proofing, plywood and chipboard installation.

Laying Solid Wood Floor London

When it comes to wooden floor installation and laying wood floor in London, the team at Elements is second to none. Our years of industry experience in solid wood floor fitting, nailing floorboards, laying floorboards and fitting floorboards in London homes of all ages and sizes is something that gives customers peace of mind that their work will be done well, with results that continue to impress for many years. 

When it comes to hardwood floor fitting in London homes,  humidity control is critical to make sure it is under the acceptable range after the floor installation is completed. Make sure the floors are dry and the relative humidity is optimal for solid wood – between 50% and 60% and the temperature is about 18 degrees.

For every wood floor installation job in London, your subfloor needs to be level, clean, dry and smooth as much as possible. Remember to check and test all pipe work and consider that about applying a damp proof membrane (in the case of concrete floors) prior to installation, no matter the installation method of your choice – floating, gluing-down, nailing-down, fitting on joists etc.

Laying a wood floor is done using natural product that is prone to expanding and contracting as the temperature and relative humidity change.When it comes to hardwood wooden floor installation in London, methods include nailing-down, gluing-down or using clips It is question of choice but also type of subfloor that dictates which method to the be used for fitting. Our service comes with the right advice, so leave this to us and our fitters expertise.

Laminate Floor Installation London

Some wooden floor installation work in London requires us to use laminate flooring. Although some people think this way of laying floor is easy, it is not as simple as you may think. At Elements, as with all projects, whether laying floorboards, fitting parquet flooring, or doing laminate floor work, we advise a professional service for results that can be trusted to look good as well as last. 

Our wood floor fitters in London use their expertise to do all the work, from subfloor, skirting boards, doors and door frames. Our floor fitters will be prepared to take care of every element of the laminate floor fitting.

Different from other wooden floor installation work, laminate flooring is a very popular floor covering that benefits from a „friendly price” and the natural wood like appearance (because of a photographic image of wood or natural stone, placed on top of a core board made of compressed fibers and the material and covered by a melamine wear layer, which is what gives laminate flooring its famed toughness). The laminate floorings offer a click installation system, which means no adhesives or nails. It is also more likely to stay intact and it’s perfect for bigger families and crowded houses.

At Elements, we are happy to provide laminate floor fitting service that includes advice on underlay and laminate product type. Seamless finish with planks fitted below the door frames. Trimming of doors (if necessary) and installation of matching thresholds, beading and veneered skirting boards. For this and all your wooden floor installation needs in London, contact Elements today.

Guide to Hardwood Flooring Installation Techniques

When it comes to wooden floor installation at your London property, once you have chosen the type of floor you want, the kind of finish you are looking to achieve, and all the choices needed, the wooden floor installation should start promptly. One final decision may be what kind of hardwood floor methods the wood flooring fitters at your London property should be using, with a few options to consider: 

Nail Down 
For this kind of wooden floor installation, nails are used to fasten the wood to the subfloor. This method is often used with thin wood flooring by our wood flooring fitters.

Glue Down 
Our wood flooring fitters in London can use staples instead of nails to attach the floor to the subfloor. This method is considered to be simpler than the nail down method.

Staple Down
A parquet flooring installation at your London property, along with other engineered wood floors, can be done by being glued down. The wood is adhered to the subfloor with a strong adhesive.

When it comes to wooden floor installation projects in London, without a doubt this is the fastest and easiest method. Floating floors are not attached to any subfloor, they simply float above it, so this kind of laying wood floor project can be done either using adhesive, which is applied to the boards to keep them together, or the boards can be made to simply snap together. Our wood floor fitters in London will usually place a pad between the wood floor and the subfloor to protect against moisture and reduce noise. Floating floors can be installed over almost any surface. For all your wood floor installation work in London, contact Elements.

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