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Elements Wood Floor London - About our Wood Floor for Sale London

When it comes to high quality wooden floorboards in London, we set the standards and have what you need. From pine floorboards to a range of wood floors, timber floorboards to  cheap floorboards, our wood floor shop in London offers choice and quality at some of the most competitive prices you will be able to find. When you see our range of floorboards for sale in London, you will appreciate how much you can save without compromising on quality. 


Element Floorboards London - Why buy Wood Floor from us?

Price Match Guarantee

At Elements, the floorboards for sale in our London shop are regularly price checked against other outlets to ensure that we always offer outstanding value and fair prices. If you see any of our wood floors for less, anywhere in London, you can contact us and we will match that price.

Widest Product Range

Our range of wooden floorboards and wood floors for sale in London offer some of the widest stock available anywhere in the country. Direct from suppliers, our wood floors are well priced and offer something to suit all tastes.

Safe Choice with Samples

We offer samples before purchase on all our wood floors and wood flooring, allowing you to make the right and informed choice for you.

Comfortable buying with Elements Wood Floor London

When it comes to saving money on wooden floorboards in London, look no further than Elements. From timber floorboards for your London townhouse to pine floorboards for your London apartment, we provide high quality products that are up to 50% less than retail prices. Our online store allows you to browse and shop from home, with wood flooring samples available for delivery. With our range of floorboards for sale, our London clients are sure to find something that suits their style and price preferences. Contact us to enjoy a seamless wood floor purchasing process in London, at Elements, we are here to help. 

Wood Floor London: Is it worth the investment?

When it comes to adding value to your home, you can do it in many ways, from extensions to home improvement, or full refurbishment, but another way can be to create new and stunning looks with wood flooring and wood floorboards in your London property. 

At Elements, we know all about the multiple benefits of wood flooring, and we can say without hesitation that hardwood floors, be they pine floorboards or oak floorboards for your London home are a simple and easy way  to add value to your property.

When you have your property with wood floors already bought and installed, any potential buyer will know that their possible new home will  require less work, and this is where wooden floorboards in your London home could help encourage a higher offer and quicker sale. Most wood floors in London homes eventually need some care and maintenance, but even with this factored in, the value is clear.

Differences Between Wood Flooring Types

Solid Wood Flooring

When you want a quality wood floor at your London property, solid wood does a wonderful job. Solid wood flooring is made from solid pieces of wood that have been machined and sanded into individual planks. From oak floorboards to pine floorboards, our wooden floorboards used in London properties of all kinds and sizes are available in different thicknesses and random lengths.

Solid wood flooring can either be prefinished or unfinished and consists of a tongue and groove profile. When you install wooden floorboards, such as oak floorboards in your London property, the solid piece of wood will expand and contract, meaning it is not stable, so must be installed by secret nailing, secret screwing or gluing down using a flexible adhesive.

Wooden floorboards of this kind can be installed in most areas except rooms where the temperature and humidity is prone to regular fluctuation, rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories, rooms with log burners and rooms with large amounts of glazing.

Our floorboards in London, of the solid wood variety such as oak floorboards, are not suitable for loose laying over underlay and cannot be used with underfloor heating due to its unstable nature.

Engineered Wood Flooring

For many of our floorboards work in London we use engineered wood flooring, which consists of a plywood base layer and a wear layer of wood on top. This kind of wood floor, such as pine floorboards, is available in a range of thicknesses and usually comes in fixed lengths. Engineered wood flooring can be unfinished or prefinished with either a tongue and groove profile or click fitting system.

Due to its construction, using engineered wood flooring for your wooden floorboards at your London property it is more stable than solid wood flooring so can be used with underfloor heating, and in areas where temperature and humidity may fluctuate significantly, for example: kitchens, conservatories, rooms with log burners and rooms with large amounts of glazing.

When doing wooden floorboards in your London property, engineered wood flooring does not need fixing in place, they can be loosely laid over an underlay and if necessary it can also be glued down, and secretly nailed or secretly screwed if the plank is thick enough. It should not be mistaken for laminate flooring.

About Hardwood Flooring

When  you are in the stage of choosing a wood floor or floorboards for your London home, there is quite a range of things to consider, such as.going for engineered, or solid hardwood, wooden floorboards that are hand-scraped, smooth, or wire-brushed, or a wood floor that is stained or unstained. 

Our experts, with years of wood floor and wooden floorboards experience, are on hand to guide and  help you select the right products for any room in your home, discussing the key factors that influence your choice, such as  budgets, timelines, personal design preferences, lifestyles, and the amount of flooring you need to be installed.

In most cases, wood floor manufacturers in London will recommend that any hardwood product should be acclimated in the space that it will be installed for no less than 72 hours.

For some wood floor work in London properties, you can purchase small felt pads, which are placed on the ends of chair and table legs, to help your furniture glide more easily over your wooden floors, though an area rug can also offer cushioning and protection for wooden floors.

When it comes to wooden floorboards, the cost to install hardwood flooring is different for each home and property, largely depending on factors such as the type of wood you select. Contact us today to discuss our range of herringbone laminate flooring, and a selection of wood floor and wooden floorboards choices that suit your style and your budget.

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