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About Wooden Floor Restoration London

When it comes to wooden floor refinishing in London properties, nothing can compare with the renovated look of your old hardwood or softwood flooring. This kind of quality floorboards restoration gives a truly authentic look, with the feeling of the old, dry timber, having gone through an extensive process. 

Many wooden floor refinishingjobs in London homes cannot be replaced by any type of newly laid solid wood flooring or parquet flooring. From floorboards refinishing in a London Victorian terraced house to restoring Victorian floorboards in your country cottage, we will usually recommend the retaining and restoration of the original timber, beach or oak wood floors, rather than replacing them with anything else.

At Elements, our team can do wood floor refinishing work on your London property that can add years to the life of your wooden floors, changing dull floor surfaces into something you can be proud of, saving you time, money, and effort. 

All our floorboards refinishing work in London is quick and simple, achieving maximum effect in a short space of time and involves us stripping the floor, sanding it back, treating it and finally polishing the floor to a beautiful finish giving it a new lease of life.

When it comes to hardwood floor repair in London homes,  sanding repairs most types of surface damage, leaving a clean high quality finish, where we can leave your floors looking as good as new. From hardwood floor refinishing to restoring old floorboards, our London team has the solution that will return your floors to their former glory. Contact us for all your wooden floor restoration needs in London. 

Can my Wood Floor London be repaired?

Replacing Floorboards London

Wooden flooring can provide style and luxury, but they also need regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. At Elements, we are on hand to do floorboards refinishing at your London property, ensuring that your wooden floors always look stunning.

Thankfully, when it comes to wooden floors, repair and wood flooring restoration in London properties is usually possible as the best solution. At Elements, we use our many years of industry experience to do wooden floor restoration to the highest of standards, every time.

On occasion, wood floor renovation in London properties involves floorboards replacement work, with pine floorboards often used to complete this kind of hardwood floor repair. With some floorboards repair in London needing to match colours that change over time, we are able to find reclaimed floorboards that deliver the look you need, fitting seamlessly into your existing decor.

Wooden Floor Refinishing London

At Elements, wooden floor repairs and wood floor refinishing in London make up a large portion of our professional portfolio and work. Our team of experts do full scale wood floor refinishing work in London properties of many kinds, from stripping a wood floor to parquet floor refinishing and many other things, however the damage happened, we will restore your wooden floor. Our hardwood floor repair and wooden floor refinishing work in London is available whatever floor you may have, and whatever wood you may want restored. For both commercial and residential clients, our wooden floor renovation and floorboards repair work in London is always of the highest standard.

Common Wooden Floor Refinishing London needs for different Wood Floor types

Pine Floorboards Repair London

When it comes to wooden floor repairs in London, pine floor work is one of the most common, mainly due to pine floorboards being covered, more often than not, by other surfaces such as carpets, marking access and repair less convenient. As wooden floor restoration and repair experts in London, we are able to repair pine floorboards quickly and efficiently, even supplying reclaimed and seasoned pine floorboards from reclaimed yards to match your existing floorboards. Our customers often request floorboards staining service with their wood floor refinishing, which brings the floors to a uniform colour and appearance.

Parquet Floor Repair London

Our parquet floor repair and restoration work in London really does set industry standards. At Elements, we offer bespoke parquet floor repair services that include the removal and replacement of loose parquet blocks, and we are also able to offer reclaimed parquet blocks, matching the size, colour and appearance of your floors in order to replace blocks that are damaged beyond repair. From oak to teak, whether a chevron or any other pattern, our parquet floor repair team in London can get your floor looking great again.

Floorboards & Parquet Floor London Gap Filling

Gap filling is an important part of wooden floor restitution work in many London homes. This is always done after the replacement of damaged floorboards and once all loose floorboards have been secured and refitted. Our wooden floor restoration experts in London do gap filling with the use of wood floor resin, which is carefully mixed with the fine saw dust from the sanding process to create a mixture identical to your flooring colour. This mixture is placed between the floorboards to fulfil the gaps, allowing our wooden floor repair experts to create a smooth and uniform look. Gap filling also goes with parquet floor repairs, where the gap filling mixture is distributed to complete the gaps between the parquet blocks.

Wood Floor London
Scratch Repair

Much of our wooden floor restoration and hardwood floor repair projects in London are down to scratched that occur on wooden floors. Whether it’s parquet, engineered or solid wood, our expert hardwood floor repair team in London can fix everything from minor scratches to more serious damage, and if the damage is really bad, we can offer parquet floor refinishing or full replacement work. Our parquet floor repair team uses a time-honoured and trusted scratch repair technique which is dependent on whether your floors are varnished or oiled. Wood floor repair and restoration is easier with scratches on oiled floors, as they allow for local manual sanding and re-oiling. Lacquered floors cannot be partially sanded, however, we can use scratch repair fillers to mask the damage.

Why choose our wood floor restoration
London company for floor sanding?

At Elements, we believe that replacing floorboards in London properties should always be done to the highest standards, without exception. As a floorboards restoration and replacement company working in London, we are proud to work as a team of  fully accredited, professional floor sanding and refinishing experts. 

From floorboards repair to initial floor fitting, maintenance and wooden floorboard refinishing in London properties of all kinds, we are on hand to professionally fit, clean and restore all kinds of engineered wooden surfaces, including parquet flooring, pine and hardwood floors.

All our wooden floor refinishing and floorboards repair in London is done by our in-house team of highly trained and skilled individuals who put customer service at the top of their priorities, ensuring great results every time. At Elements, we like to provide our clients with additional peace of mind which is why all our wooden floor refinishing work in London is guaranteed and done by insured professionals. 

Our work is always done with specialized, dust-free equipment, while our floorboards repair and floorboards restoration products are always of a high quality and low odour so that floors look their best without the need for smelly fumes. We also use eco-friendly products and many of the lacquers we use are water-based.

Whether a large-scale wood floor refinishing or some floorboard repair at your London property, we always offer competitively priced services with no hidden costs and a full itemised invoice on completion. For wooden floor restoration, replacing floorboards or parquet flooring restoration in London, contact Elements today.

Four Benefits
of Wooden Floor Refinishing

When you consider a wood floor restoration for your London property, you are considering a truly timeless look. Wood floors are beautiful, stunning, able to add genuine. warmth, comfort and classic style to any room. Our floorboards refinishing team deal with many homeowners who put true value on the benefits of having hardwood floors but, over time, these lovely floors can become worn out and lose an element of their aesthetic charm. 

Our wooden floor restoration allows these gorgeous but weary floors to be fully restored and refinished back to their original beauty and style. So, before you think of giving up on your wood floors, let’s think about the benefits a wood floor refinishing could bring: 

Wooden floor restoration work in many London properties is often based on people having not taken proper care of their floors, often resulting in the damaged wood splintering, which represents a serious safety issue for anyone walking across the floor, especially young children, one great reason to consider floorboards refinishing.

Put simply, the work we do in the wooden floor restoration is absolutely stunning, which attention to detail that results in a timeless color and shine that is designed and guaranteed to breathe new life back into your home.

Our wooden floor refinishing work in London can add value to your home, especially if you are trying to sell your property and want to show potential buyers real style. 

Wooden floor restoration is a more affordable than replacing floors, where style meets cost effectiveness. 

Hardwood Floor Refinishing London

When it comes to wood floor refinishing, London homes with hardwood flooring have many qualities: it is a durable, natural material that adds stunning and unrivalled beauty to your home. At Elements, our wood floor restoration team in London knows that, over time, wear and tear can cause damage that detracts from your floor’s natural good looks, and when you notice scuffs and scratches in your hardwood flooring, repair is needed, not necessarily a replacement floor. In a significant number of cases, wood floor restoration and hardwood floor repair is what you actually need, which is where Elements can do wood floor refinishing to the highest standard.
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